Monday 25 December 2023

Holiday Singalong 2023


The 13th annual Christmath parody is linked here at: "Inequalities".


Speaking of every year getting worse, I have Covid-19. Tested positive on Christmas Eve, fortunately before going to see the in-laws (though I'd been over there the previous day too, so fingers crossed... my wife and daughter are negative for now). This despite still masking with an N95 at work.

Work itself is still part-time as I pick up my daughter at the school bus, but still feels like full-time as the Grade 11 course is being completely revamped to handle the destreamed cohort coming in. A big thanks to past me for all his efforts with the MHF 4U course, as it's occasionally been on auto-pilot because of that.

More bad news, earlier this year, I started a new Epsilon Serial over at my other site. November's post has zero plot votes thus far (after a stellar one vote the previous entry) so I guess I'm putting the pause on that for now. I'd hoped Angel Rusee as a new protagonist would fare better than more reruns.

Some good news, The Accidental Time Travelers Collective, Volume 2 came out earlier this month, and I have another short story in that volume, "Plan V". Which has net me an author page on Amazon.
I also got my other math song parodies online back in September. One was included in The APeriodical Carnival of Mathematics for October, hosted on Infinitely Irrational. Look for the cool graphic they made:

As to this year's parody, I literally finished it earlier this afternoon, after starting it on Saturday December 23rd. The pieces just came together, thankfully, and there wasn't much else to do this morning, being sick in bed. I was supposed to be driving today to see my parents, and had planned on finishing it in a few days. So that's something.
Hope you enjoy "Inequalities" to the tune of "Here Comes Santa Claus".

I have no illusions of 2024 being any improvement, particularly given politics of late. Let's hope for status quo, as horrible as that sounds. But for now, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and all the best to you and yours. Thanks for reading.

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