Saturday 25 December 2021

Holiday Singalong 2021


The 11th annual Christmath parody is linked here at: "Walkin' Around Unit Circles".


Holy freaking cats. I thought 2020 was problematic.

We started Teaching 2021 doing remote learning in January, and ended it in June the same way. After an April Break (not March) because the Ontario government just does that stuff now. There was some in-class between, but not in quadmester four at all.

The summer that followed actually wasn't terrible, I DID get my 2018 parodies online at last, and converted all the old Google Sites Personification Entires over into the new format (which took some time, the images were never placed right). I even wrote a new parody with logs.

That last is NOT online yet, because in Sept 2021 I had to teach an entirely new course in a system where we're doing math on one week, then not the next, then back to math. (The province requires two classes, separated by a lunch.) So I'm dealing with making up lessons and doing them in this crazy system.

I went part time. If I hadn't, I'm certain I would have needed medical leave, because the course I hadn't taught in six years (aside from during a quadmester) would have been back too, and I've needed every ounce (minute?) of prep to keep up. My other serial blog had parody posts queued up in August, thank goodness.

This year's December song parody was selected and vaguely begun Sun Dec 12. Went for a shorter one, and it mentions "around" and "pie", so trig from the most recent unit was a fit. Set it aside until Sat Dec 18, when I resumed and managed to finish it. Not one of the best, but not bad, and keeps up the tradition.

Hope you enjoy it. Not much else to say, just here hoping the 3 yr old has a cold and not a deadly disease. Please take care, everyone.

As always, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, read through the archives and all the best for 2022.


  1. Nicely done, Greg! This year (and the one before) has been a challenge for many people, for many of the same reasons and for some unique ones. Keep your creative math juices flowing and stay focused on the prize. Know that while you may not get direct acknowledgement, what you do in the classroom and here, in your creative spaces, has a direct and positive impact on people. Stay strong, look after your family and remember the good you put out to the world. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you very much for your support and taking the time to comment! It definitely feels like tossing things out into the void at times. Particularly of late. So your words here have helped to provide me with some positive impact too. As to the family, we're all still Covid negative in the end, and will keep doing our best. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!