Wednesday 25 December 2019

Holiday Singalong 2019


The 9th annual Christmath parody, "Three Things of Math", can be found at this link.


Well, that was a year.

I've done some very preliminary drawing using my Wacom tablet, but nothing for personified math yet. I have a 2019 banner planned out and, yeah, running out of time to enact that. So no images for the parody yet either.

If you missed it (because you don't follow me on twitter), I did write a personified math guest post for AlphaWordZ called "To Infinity, and Beyond!", back in July/August. I have since written two new math song parodies (before this special), but I haven't put them online yet, mostly due to wanting to have a new image to go with them.

And that's everything. My "Any ~Qs" rerun on Tapas concluded at the end of June with 11 subscribers. Meanwhile, my "Cubic Formula" song on YouTube continues to get random comments that I haven't had time to properly research and respond to.

Most of my writing in 2019 has been focussed on contributions to the Time Travel Nexus, including a complete set of Steins;Gate reviews, on edits to the story on my serial blog site "Balancing Act" (featuring supernatural detective Melissa Virga), and on "Time Untied", the sequel to my first time travel serial on that site. This site has been very low priority.

But, as I implied above, it's not completely forgotten.

With "Frozen II" having come out last month, it made sense to make my holiday assembly song (when asked about it) a rerun of "Polar Plot". Any students who saw it in 2014 would have graduated by now. As such, I thought I would branch into the more religious Christmas music for a non-performance new piece (lest anyone take offence at turning Jesus into Math).

Besides, I realized I didn't have time to write in earnest until Saturday, December 21st. And even then I lacked spare time.

I do not recall why I decided to pair math bar notation with the three kings of the Christmas Carol. I do recall the initial draft focussed on the overline/macron, the vinculum, and absolute value bars... until I learned of the obelus (division symbol), which has a dual meaning as a small dagger symbol and thus pairs nicely with myrrh. Fraction bars aren't exactly vinculums anyway, unless there's operations involved. So there's a look at the creative process.

I kind of envision one of the -tans themselves (perhaps Lyn) drawing the bar avatars as actual people.

Where are we going in 2020? Well, assuming I manage to do some drawing, I'll get those prior parodies up. I do not see much more than that happening, with family life keeping me busy, but rest assured: I'm still keeping an eye on things. Feel free to read the archives. :)

As I said last year, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and hope you have a wonderful New Year.

2018 drawing of ParaB skating, by Elliebot.