Monday 21 May 2018

S9.338 - Loose Change

I hope Elly does change it, her headpiece is a pain to draw. So, can you think of any different outfits for the cast?
Also, QQuinn wasn't lying when she said she didn't steal anything... has anyone been suspicious of CanTor since Comic #48?


ELLY: Know what I’ve concluded in the weeks since my return?
CANTOR: Do tell.
ELLY: You put the flaw in Versine’s virus. You got ArcSin’s science stuff to QQuinn, who cured it. You gave Gamma the tourism idea too. CanTor, you're not as innocent as you look.
CANTOR: Nice theories. No proof.
ELLY: That’s why I came to you first. What are you up to, Fractal?
CANTOR: I’m quietly pushing for math to change. Is that so wrong?
ELLY: I have considered changing my hairband.


  1. Hmmm... are we going to see Poincaré to oppose Cantor? "So I understand quite well the opposition of Mons. Poincaré, by which I felt myself honoured, so he never had in his mind to honour me, as I am sure." (Cantor in a letter to Russell, 19 Sept 1911) A Poincare character could be modeled on the hyperbolic disc...

    1. Interesting! I hadn't really considered using relationships between mathematicians, but it's certainly a direction I could go. (Candice Torrent, or CanTor, came from the Cantor Dust fractal rather than the person. That's what happens when mathematicians name things after themselves!) Didn't know about the Poincare conjecture either. I guess we'll see... I should probably pick a direction at some point, huh? ^_^

    2. why pick a direction when you can have all the connections?