Monday, 5 March 2018

S9.334 - Re:Search

Take a look, it's in a book. Though if you have any thoughts on hidden abilities for the various math equations, I'm listening.


PARA: Oh, wait. I did gain flight! ... By almost dying.
QELLY: Elly meditated for her power change.
ARCTAN: Maybe it’s different for everyone.
GAMMA: What will you try then?
 ('Tans look at each other)
QLYN: I’ll go look in books.
GAMMA: Novel idea.


  1. I'll take that as a challenge. Q/Lyn can always find the shortest distance between two places. Q/Para is in charge of projectile aiming. She never misses unless there's air resistance. Quinn has Protection from Formulas. (Big deal, says Sexi.) Circe is able to bring together any three characters. Cosine and Sine can phase into one another. (Have you used that already?) Logan sees every Poly as Lyn wearing a costume. ... I'd better stop.

    1. Maybe Quinn's power could come in handy to stop Form Ulater who has an ability to root Polys where they stand. Maybe Form Ulater is brought in by the Inverses gang, a side project started by Logan and the Arcs.

      Almost completely unrelated, I'm now imagining a genealogy story line.

    2. By all means, thanks for the suggestions. :) (Hm, would the shortest distance involve taking a plane? Wait, there's that air resistance again, on the wings.) Interesting notion for Quinn... Circe is still AWOL but could return... and the new QSine is also Cosine, but maybe if they're hit with a phaser...?

      I admit I'm not catching on to the Logan situation though. (Something related to derivatives...?) I've never really had an antagonist either, so the Form guy might be an avenue to explore, humm. And as to genealogy, you mean who the true parent functions are or something? (I haven't really used side characters much either, humm.)

      Can you tell I have no buffer at the moment? :D Anyone else is welcome to weigh in as well. Thanks again for the comments, John!

  2. I usually teach logarithms as an invention to invert exponentials. So I was imagining Logan, Arcsin and Arccos having a gang modeled on the Injustice Gang from Superfriends.

    Like the plane idea: of course the line lies in a plane? But that raises the specter of multivariable functions... Any Qs 3D!