Thursday, 25 January 2018

S9.328b - Art Aside ParaB

It's a Thursday at the end of the month! Granted, the last Art Aside we had then was at the end of May 2017, but whatever. Recently, I've been participating in weekly comic chats on the StArt Faire Discord channel. This included sign ups for a Holiday Swap in December, for drawing the art of other original characters. I suggested that whoever got me draw one of the Conics, or Logan, should a male be preferred.

Check out the cool drawing of ParaB ice skating, by Ellie!

ParaB by Elliebot

So great! (I think the green gloves and leggings are a nice touch, given her dress. What about you?) Ellie even did a preliminary sketch of ParaB in another pose, which she shared with me as well:

ParaB sketch by EllieBot

You can check out more of Ellie's work at "The Tower". As for me, I drew characters from the comic "My Friends in Distantland", by Jen, and you can see her series at that link. Trust me, this image makes more sense when you have the context of her webcomic:

Cathryn and Van Von Fang

Thanks for checking out another Art Aside. Feel free to comment down below if there's other characters you want to see in the future. Also, if you haven't seen the new 2018 banner for the Facebook Page yet, go have a look (and maybe even like the page while you're there).

Next update should go Monday. I really should work on having a buffer, maybe.

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