Monday, 23 October 2017

S9.325 - Magic Writes

"Die" being the singular of "dice", with the "magic rite" being Hyper somehow creating them.

And that's it. I managed to go for 52 weeks straight. I'd hoped for more, but it's been massively touch-and-go this month. Teaching computer science is killing me. I can't continue to do things I enjoy; they don't bring me joy any more. Oct 18th was another zero-pageview day (across 280+ posts) anyway.

So we're on indefinite hiatus. Probably until 2018. More information here. Thanks for reading, I'll keep mirroring on Tapas, hopefully. Go check out (x, why?), a math comic celebrating its 10th anniversary soon.


ELLY: For super heroism, my sidekick GPS can take over.
LONGU: GPS would need a solo win to prove that to the public.
QLOGAN: Maybe we can arrange something?
LATTI: There’s also the matter of Ana’s columns.
ELLY: Simple. Ghost writing.
LONGU: Oh, of course...
LONGU: You die, your spirit becomes tied here.
HYPER: Die. Die. Die.
(Hyper flicks dice at Longu.)

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