Monday, 2 October 2017

S9.322 - Read My Ellipse

The superellipse is a real thing. It allows an exponent other than 2, and uses absolute value bars. There are technically two types, the hypoellipse (exponent under 2) and hyperellipse (exponent over 2). It’s also known as the Lamé Curve, hence Hyper’s comment. Finally, an explanation for the 2017 banner on Facebook.
Oh, did you check the mouseover? This is comic #100!


HYPER: I can’t seem to magic our way out.
NIS: You’d need Sigma. This calls for science!
QCOSEC: Shhh. Hear that?
ELLY: Down from the sky! She’s absurd, likes flat planes, she’s... SuperEllipse! And she's ready to return to math.
HYPER: S-So lamé.
ELLY: I’ve missed you too, Hyper.


  1. Congrats on 100!

    Hmm - are there enough supers in math to form a team? This also got me wondering about a storyline building off the tourism where the characters debate if their mathworld is a part of the science world. Or philospohy. Or language!

    1. Thank you so much! I admit, given how my September played out, I wondered if there might be a delay in reaching this mark. Somehow I found the time. ^_^

      I'm not sure how many "super" math shapes exist... I stumbled on the "superellipse" maybe a year or so ago, which sparked this entire arc. If you or anyone else knows of more, feel free to flag me! As far as the intersectionality of subject personifications goes, it's an interesting issue I hadn't considered. Of course, a year ago I hadn't considered personifications outside math either. (Maybe there's a time share going on?) Guess we'll see if something develops, either here or in fan spinoffs! ;) Thanks for the comment.