Tuesday 31 October 2017

Halloween 2017

Just some drawing therapy as my characters dress up. Bonus points if you recognize who they are meant to be.

QT: We wear the ears better.
QQT: Sure, whatever.

Monday 23 October 2017

S9.325 - Magic Writes

"Die" being the singular of "dice", with the "magic rite" being Hyper somehow creating them.

And that's it. I managed to go for 52 weeks straight. I'd hoped for more, but it's been massively touch-and-go this month. Teaching computer science is killing me. I can't continue to do things I enjoy; they don't bring me joy any more. Oct 18th was another zero-pageview day (across 280+ posts) anyway.

So we're on indefinite hiatus. Probably until 2018. More information here. Thanks for reading, I'll keep mirroring on Tapas, hopefully. Go check out (x, why?), a math comic celebrating its 10th anniversary soon.


ELLY: For super heroism, my sidekick GPS can take over.
LONGU: GPS would need a solo win to prove that to the public.
QLOGAN: Maybe we can arrange something?
LATTI: There’s also the matter of Ana’s columns.
ELLY: Simple. Ghost writing.
LONGU: Oh, of course...
LONGU: You die, your spirit becomes tied here.
HYPER: Die. Die. Die.
(Hyper flicks dice at Longu.)

Monday 16 October 2017

S9.324 - Super Markets

Someone should tell Longu that “Password” has been off the air since 1975. (There were revivals, granted.) No one likes passwords now. Not the hackers who have to crack them, or the people, who have to remember all of them.


PARA: So the ana lemma wasn’t part of a proof at all.
LONGU: It’s proof we need Ana to stay here.
LATTI: Ana’s news columns about SuperEllipse? The mystery of her origins? It’s been great for tourism. We can’t lose that.
QCOSEC: Hey, if you want war...
ELLY: No, stop! Let’s talk.
HYPER: Can we help them to market?
PARA: I'm pretty sure removing your pangea password would help.
LONGU: I like quoting ‘You. Shall Not. Pass.’

Monday 9 October 2017

S9.323 - Identity Property

The multiplicative identity property? It means multiplication by one gives you back what you started with. Maybe Elly needed a better disguise.


LATTI & LONGU: (holding frying pans) Not so fast!
NIS: Take them out. We’re at war.
ELLY: No. They set you up. For where there is injustice, I come to put it right.
LONGU: SuperEllipse, glad you came. Except you cannot leave geography... Ana Lemma.
ELLY: You learned my secret identity?
LATTI: Duh. The analemma’s the pattern of the sun based on Earth’s tilt and elliptical orbit.
QLOGAN: It’s the what now?
LONGU: Seriously, did you do any research before showing up?

Monday 2 October 2017

S9.322 - Read My Ellipse

The superellipse is a real thing. It allows an exponent other than 2, and uses absolute value bars. There are technically two types, the hypoellipse (exponent under 2) and hyperellipse (exponent over 2). It’s also known as the Lamé Curve, hence Hyper’s comment. Finally, an explanation for the 2017 banner on Facebook.
Oh, did you check the mouseover? This is comic #100!


HYPER: I can’t seem to magic our way out.
NIS: You’d need Sigma. This calls for science!
QCOSEC: Shhh. Hear that?
ELLY: Down from the sky! She’s absurd, likes flat planes, she’s... SuperEllipse! And she's ready to return to math.
HYPER: S-So lamé.
ELLY: I’ve missed you too, Hyper.