Monday, 28 August 2017

S9.318 - Turn the Fables

Fractal City being a ‘myth’ has come up before.
Back in our world, there’s also a questionable book “The Math Myth”, which itself contains myths... please have someone proofread your mathematics before you publish.


GAMMA: So what exactly do your cards say?
QROOT: ‘Come and learn about myths.’
GAMMA: That's not a bad hook.
ROOT: Hey, there are mathematical myths and legends...
QROOT: We'll use it as a theme - from myth to math, greek symbols, myths and lemmas, finally revealed!
ROOT: And we can rename ourselves Fractal City.
CANTOR: Root, no. That’s not a myth, it’s my home.

Monday, 21 August 2017

S9.317 - Dis A Vowel

I hope they don’t rely on those cards. I’ve been handing some out for over five years now to no effect.

Depending on where you are, be careful with today's eclipse! (I'm in Eastern Canada, so I'm waiting for April 2024.)


GAMMA: What’s wrong?
QROOT: All these cards Root had printed misspelled ‘math’ as ‘myth’.
GAMMA: We need business cards?
QROOT: It’s part of the tourism project. What will we do now?
GAMMA: Well, screaming won’t help.
ROOT: I’d hoped to harvest replacement ‘A’s from my word balloon.

Monday, 14 August 2017

S9.316 - L'Attitude

There’s 360 degrees of longitude running east-west (180 each direction, with the prime meridian), but only 180 degrees of latitude running north-south (90 up and down plus the equator). The fact that her stripes are N-S yet horizontal tends to mix me up, am I the only one? (It doesn't help that I confuse east-west.)


LATTI: Hello! Need a tour guide?
HYPER: Does everyone in geography wear stripes?
LONGU: No, it’s a longitude and latitude thing.
LATTI: Call me Latti!
LONGU: Did your group want anything specific?
QLOGAN: We’re from math. We seek Ana Lemma.
(Longu & Latti react)
LONGU: I’ll take them.
LATTI: No, you’d bring them full circle. Latitude only has range 180.

Monday, 7 August 2017

S9.315 - Pan-Pan Door Aha

“Pan-Pan” is an international urgency signal, not as bad as a “Mayday” because there’s no immediate danger. (It’s from the French, “en panne” or “broken down”. “Mayday” is also from the French, “M’Aider”.)

Meanwhile, “Pandora” is not necessarily spoken with a stutter. Do people read the titles? Also, "pangea" is the name for the original land mass before the continents drifted.


COUNT VON BEAT: Hey Longu, some folks want geography. Who’s that again?
LONGU: Me. I’ll handle it.
(Math characters are gathered)
LONGU: Welcome to A geography. We're not Hetalia.
QCOSEC: Let’s start investigating then.
LONGU: Five can enter. If you state the password. Here’s your hint. (holds frying pan)
PARA: Pan? Gee, ahh...
LONGU: Pangea is correct, pass.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

S9.314 - Who's the Bos?

Analogies can be interesting, if imperfect. I know MTBoS doesn't have a president (its power and its pitfall), but my comic does, after the 2016 Twitter vote (that most didn't connect to this blog).

For my two regular readers who don't know the connection, this video by Jason Slowbe from last week clarifies that's not a typo in the title. For my two regular readers who know the connection, better believe I revised this dialogue many times, hope it's taken in the right spirit. I think that's everyone out there?
Oh, for anyone discovering my secret club for the first time, the hairstyles are the graphs (that's the whole point) and also check out Jason's video if you haven't already.


QUINN: As part of our math tourism plot, let's change the comic name. How do you pronounce ~Qs? Not Cues? Q Bars? Bah.
(QPARA reads TMC clipboard.)
QUINN: I bet even math people don't get the irrational pun! We're like some secret club here.
QPARA: People are welcome to join us here, or not... we do try.
QUINN: Except our whole point is to be maths inclusive. And funny.
QPARA: One personification cannot decide for our whole comic.
QUINN: I'm fixing community issues. I have DATA backing me up. I'll change, you don't need to join me.
QPARA: Um, we're in the SAME COMIC.
QUINN: So who chooses our name now, readers?
QSINE: I'm still the president.