Monday 8 May 2017

S9.302 - Sixth Sense

Para got to decide because she's Minister of Justice. This may be the first time I've indicated that degree number is tied to figure/bustline (like memory for the original OS-tans). Assuming it's true, I probably haven't been consistent about it in the drawing.


SEXI: I finally have a webcomic counterpart. Even if she’s going to jail.
QQUINN: I never stole anything. Only did what I felt was right. So Para freed me... sentenced to stay this way.
QQUINN: The worst part? Well never see Versine's good ideas. A wall around scientific notation, no more calculators...
SEXI: Good ideas for whom? Should progress be denied? Change is inevitable. We must adapt.
QQUINN: Fine, fine...
QQUINN: So how do you manage a proper workout with this extra curviness?
SEXI: You’ll adapt to that too. (pats QQuinn's shoulder)

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