Monday 1 May 2017

S9.301 - Discouraging Words

Welcome to Series 9. New index page exists. I'm now drawing with new "B" (not HB) pencils I got for my birthday.
If you're simply clicking "next" you missed the Character Bible and Settings Info posts. I found that handy, reminding me of characters we hadn't seen for a while.


QSIN: RhysPlus is off adjusting, so I’m out a vice president. Would your ArcSin be interested in the role?
NISANO: QQuinn had my missing science stuff! This is an outrage! We'll throw the book at her. Find a big book of science!
SOC: Equal Temperament.
NISANO: I feel like playing music. Oh, hello QSine, lovely day, yes? Fare thee well.
QSIN: As I was saying, would YOU be interested in the role, ArcCos?
SOC: Sure, thanks.

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