Monday, 22 May 2017

S9.304 - Reciprocatings Aw

Rhys is, of course, RhysPlus for a=0. Not sure about keeping Logan's eyepatch on the new Reci. Thoughts?


RHYSPLUS: Cool new threads. Now let’s see how my “a” value works.
RHYS: Before, I was a special form of Hyper. Now I’m a special form of RhysPlus. I can’t win.
RECI: You’re female now. At least that’s different.
RHYS: Probably means I’m destined to marry him.
RECI: You think? Because maybe I marry RhysPlus first.
RHYS: Your iPatch seems to be giving you a superiority complex.

1 comment:

  1. Something that came up in an off-blog discussion with John was that Logan's eyepatch might have represented his restricted domain. (Logarithms are x > 0.) It's an interesting idea I hadn't deliberately implemented - and one that I'm in danger of forgetting, hence me talking to myself here. Could be that, as Reci, he doesn't want to face his negative side yet? We'll see, I suppose.