Monday 29 May 2017

S9.305 - Be Trade

Got any thoughts of subjects to bring in? (I know, I never learned my lesson from Series 4.) Or anything touristy? Also, last chance for anyone to suggest a new minister for the Council Table. Environment and Education will be filled one way or another.

Meanwhile, there was another Art Aside last Thursday, if you missed it.


QSINE: We should contact the other subjects. We'll need materials to fix the Jump Gate.
VERSINE: Time for a raid! I’ll recruit. QLyn, how many phasers are available?
GAMMA: Or, we make math a better tourist spot. Other subjects visit, and we can open trade.
QHYPER: Oh, sure. We’ve been sooo good at publicity.
PARA: Can’t you be more positive?
QHYPER: Do I look like an ellipse?

Thursday 25 May 2017

S9.304b - Art Aside: Sine

The end of every month is becoming a bit of an Art Showcase. To end February there was a Hyper FanArt, to end March there was Expona Commissioned Art and to end April I was dealing with the Series Bible. (I still may, at some point, get around to doing new images for the fractals.) So, as it's the last Thursday of May, here is the President of Mathematics, Sine.

Sine by Tannistha (May 2016)

That commission is from Anime North last year (2016). (Tannistha mailed it to me after the con.) She'll be at Table F08 at Anime North this coming weekend, so if you're in the area, maybe check her out. (I'll be around the convention too this weekend, though I haven't really decided on commissions yet.) Note that's a full version of the image I used for Sine's podium way back in "Word Choice".

It's also worth mentioning here that John Golden sent me more fan art for my birthday last month, namely Maud, Rhys, Root and Expona head shots. I'm keeping that one to myself for now, though will mention I kind of love how Expona's hair covers one of her eyes, that's a fun look for her. Also in April, I got a rough sketch of Hyper by the creator of "Astria Legends", a comic which has colour personified angels. Consider checking that out too.

That's all for now, new comic Monday! Feel free to comment (I changed the header art, does that work?), send some art in, or simply sketch your own versions of math at home. I am, as has been said, a pretty niche market, but if any of this inspires you towards math (or comics), that makes me happy. Thanks for reading.

Monday 22 May 2017

S9.304 - Reciprocatings Aw

Rhys is, of course, RhysPlus for a=0. Not sure about keeping Logan's eyepatch on the new Reci. Thoughts?


RHYSPLUS: Cool new threads. Now let’s see how my “a” value works.
RHYS: Before, I was a special form of Hyper. Now I’m a special form of RhysPlus. I can’t win.
RECI: You’re female now. At least that’s different.
RHYS: Probably means I’m destined to marry him.
RECI: You think? Because maybe I marry RhysPlus first.
RHYS: Your iPatch seems to be giving you a superiority complex.

Monday 15 May 2017

S9.303 - Secant Touch This

You probably need this explanation for that very old reference.

Meanwhile, Rev. Fitz has been checking out new serials every day this month, including the start of Taylor’s Polynomials (from back in 2011). You can read his analysis here. He also runs a comic called “Mr. Square”, check that out here.


TANGENT: Becoming Secant unnerved me. I’m going to stay as Slope for the moment. Away from trig.
QSINE: I understand.
QTAN: (grabs Tan) Everyone else has had more sec(x) than me!
QTAN: (grabs Para) Does anyone else get that feeling?
QTAN (off panel): Does everyone - does everyone - does everyone think -
QSINE: Pardon our Tangent.

Monday 8 May 2017

S9.302 - Sixth Sense

Para got to decide because she's Minister of Justice. This may be the first time I've indicated that degree number is tied to figure/bustline (like memory for the original OS-tans). Assuming it's true, I probably haven't been consistent about it in the drawing.


SEXI: I finally have a webcomic counterpart. Even if she’s going to jail.
QQUINN: I never stole anything. Only did what I felt was right. So Para freed me... sentenced to stay this way.
QQUINN: The worst part? Well never see Versine's good ideas. A wall around scientific notation, no more calculators...
SEXI: Good ideas for whom? Should progress be denied? Change is inevitable. We must adapt.
QQUINN: Fine, fine...
QQUINN: So how do you manage a proper workout with this extra curviness?
SEXI: You’ll adapt to that too. (pats QQuinn's shoulder)

Monday 1 May 2017

S9.301 - Discouraging Words

Welcome to Series 9. New index page exists. I'm now drawing with new "B" (not HB) pencils I got for my birthday.
If you're simply clicking "next" you missed the Character Bible and Settings Info posts. I found that handy, reminding me of characters we hadn't seen for a while.


QSIN: RhysPlus is off adjusting, so I’m out a vice president. Would your ArcSin be interested in the role?
NISANO: QQuinn had my missing science stuff! This is an outrage! We'll throw the book at her. Find a big book of science!
SOC: Equal Temperament.
NISANO: I feel like playing music. Oh, hello QSine, lovely day, yes? Fare thee well.
QSIN: As I was saying, would YOU be interested in the role, ArcCos?
SOC: Sure, thanks.