Monday 10 April 2017

S8.300 - Rhys's Pieces

Numbering is a bit of an issue. Going from the start of the serial in 2011 (and ignoring extra posts), we're at #300. But going from the start of the webcomic, we're only at #78. And in this arc, we're at #38. Speaking of arcs though, this marks the end of Series 8, d(Voted). Stay tuned!


QT: My devices are broken, and I have extra bow constants - but I think we’re back to normal?
QSINE: Except for two of us...
LOGAN: Rhys can stay as she is. Two Logans is too many, I’ll infect myself to become a new Reci.
LOGAN: I've always wanted to expand my domain.
PARAB: Seems like a big deal. Shouldn’t our entry #300 be more spartan?
QT: I didn’t like that movie.
QARCSIN: Wait...
QARCSIN: ...I’m stabilizing. As RhysPlus.
QSINE: We don’t need more new characters.


  1. Speaking of domain expansion, have you ever played with what domain & range mean to these guys? Like areas of their world where they just can't go. Or something that some can see but others can't?

    1. That's an interesting idea! While it's not quite the same thing, I had thoughts of "imaginary friends" for Radik, owing to a cube root having 2 imaginary answers along with the real one. Never really went anywhere aside from offhand references like those friends telling him about Fractal City.

      There is potential to that idea. Like finding a cave that restricts entry to those who allow negative inputs, or something similar. Hmm. We'll see if it fits in with the vague plans I have for the next arc. Thank you for the comment! Always appreciated.