Monday 3 April 2017

S8.299b - Square Space

Line dancing! That's a very old joke.
For new jokes (and new art), hopefully you saw the April Fools Update (courtesy Groovy, Kinda) and the Art Aside: Expona from the past week.


QT: Tangent? I’m already at risk with the cure. So I’m going to give you my squaring.
TANGENT??: How? You’re not unstable.
QT: I feel like more than the product of my parts...
FX: ZOT, as QT reaches out.
ROOT: QT? You’re up nex-- huh.
QT? (as LYN): Take Tangent first.
TANGENT?: Thank you. (hugs)
QT?: Reintegrate me before I start line dancing.

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