Saturday, 1 April 2017

S8.299 - Slide Showoff

Slide Showoff

Decided to try my hand at black and white in the past week, what do you think? ...

Hahaha, okay, no, I've participated in an "April Fools Exchange". This comic (featuring the original quintic function, Quinn, being peeved by calculators) was drawn by Charlie, from the webcomic Groovy, Kinda. You should go check that out! (Then keep following the guest post thread, it's a cycle.)

As for me, I drew a strip for Rulo over at M9 Girls! Yes, this would mark the first time I've tried drawing someone else's characters in any official capacity. So go check out his comic as well - he's had a few different regular artists over the years. Thanks for dropping by!

Math trivia: Remember your quadratic formula? Well, there exists a cubic and a quartic formula... but the quintic function is the first polynomial that provably has no formula for solving. No wonder she's peeved by calculators, eh? </context>


QUINN: CALCULATORS! Oh, how I HATE evil, stinky calcu--
RECI: HEY! Anybody seen my slide...
RECI: ...uhh...
QUINN: Slide? Slide what! Slide RULE?
QUINN: The primitive yet effective hand held precursor to the... the... CAL. CUE. LAYTOR.
EXPONA: Hey messy Reci!
EXPONA: Thanks for lettin' me borrow your SLIDE TROMBONE!
(Quinn plays trombone)
RECI: I thought it was gonna be a slide WHISTLE!
EXPONA: Hey, I only get to do this once a YEAR!


  1. Happy April Fool's Day! It was an honor and a treat to draw an Any~Q strip. Especially since I got to read the whole series.

    1. Back at you! Aww, that's so nice, thank you. In fact, you're only the second person ever to do so (after John Golden in "Flash Point" #273, for anyone out there wondering). I'm impressed you went through the whole series! (Even the serial part?) I'm hoping the puns helped to keep you motivated. :) Thanks for the comment.

  2. Charlie - nice work! I love your style applied to these characters. Distinct but in flavor. And suitably appropriately bad math joke, no mean feat.

    1. Agreed, he really did do a great job. I was easily able to identify my characters in his style, with no colours. Charlie even took the time to look up drawing slide trombones for the gag too. Thanks for leaving a comment, John!