Thursday, 30 March 2017

S8.298b - Art Aside Expona

The last Thursday of February I ran a FanArt extra (Hyper), with a few comic "Hyper"links as well (see what I did there?). Might as well keep tossing in that sort of unscheduled update - in particular because I commissioned art last May 2016, at Anime North.

Despite scanning these works in last June, I never got them onto the blog. (Partially as I'd been focussed on the Cubic Formula Song Parody, now at over 250 views.) Better late than never! Here they are.

With my usual focus on Para pictures, I'd started feeling that Expona needed a chance to shine (as in the latest derivative arc), and since she was an election candidate at the time, she was the subject of two commissions.

Expona by Shirochya

Alert readers might remember a cropped version of that image from the podium during "Word Choice". The next commission is actually  QExpona (or 'New Expona')... the visual differences are subtle (as noted here), the main ones being eyeshadow and a zipper vest instead of a button-up.

QExpona by Ruuari

Of course, you're certainly welcome to draw your own version of an "exponential" personification, and it doesn't need to resemble mine! Whatever helps you enjoy or understand mathematics. :)

Thanks for dropping by, feel free to leave comments, hope we'll see you in April.


  1. Nice! I have to admit, QExpona is one of the most fun characters to draw. You guys did a swell job!

    1. Thanks! I sometimes wonder which characters are more "fun" to draw... I don't really think about it, and when I commission work, the artist doesn't get the choice. I probably lean more towards the primary trig. I have received more actual fan art of Hyper though. (In that I've received 2, which is one more than any other character. I'm not counting commissions.) Thanks for your comment and your input!