Monday 27 March 2017

S8.298 - Form You Laws

New function for this comic, at least. No Bones about it. Fun fact, anyone remember when Reci/Rhys decided to change his name? It was a student who suggested Rhys ("Reese") as a better one. But I never changed the label tag.

Also, yesterday (March 26) was apparently “Make Up Your Own Holiday” Day (I’m not even kidding). A number of GoComics cartoonists went to town on that, read about the roundup (and see their strips) at that link.


ARCTAN: Three problems with QQuinn’s cure. First, QT will need two shots; not sure how she’ll react to that.
ARCTAN: Second, due to Tangent and QArcSin’s power shift, their integrals are now messy logarithms instead.
ARCTAN: Third, Rhys has decided s/he prefers the new form!
QSIN: That’s okay. An old Rhys gets promoted in his/her place.
QHYPER: Zzzz...
PARAB: There is no old Rhys. The reciprocal's name was Reci.
QLYN: So? As a new function, won’t s/he need a new "-tan" name?
ARCTAN: I’m a doctor, not a linguist!

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