Tuesday 14 March 2017

S8.296 - Day 3.14

All the news today seems to be about one of the items in the first panel, so I came up with this bonus on the fly. Yes, it should be white chocolate (or marshmallows) but I didn't want too much white in the panels. Also, I don't like white chocolate. I wonder why I think of QT when I think kitchen disasters...

In other news, I've spent the last day adding navigation links to all prior serial parts. Hopefully that encourages some reading of prior entries?


QQT: Making pie for pi day?
QRADIK: It’s white day.
QQT: Because of the snowstorm?
QRADIK: A month after Valentine’s Day, men give gifts back to women. I’m trying to make chocolate for QCubi. White Day. Get informed!
SFX: *BOOM* (chocolate explosion)
QQT: W-Want to bring her QCubi my pie?
QRADIK: She might appreciate that 3.14 times more...
QQT: Para can lick chocolate off my nose instead...

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