Monday 13 March 2017

S8.295 - Battle Scar Galactic Aha

Not the first time Versine has started referencing that show. I think I’m poking some fun at US politics here? It’s hard to tell these days.

This ties together the derivative plot, Sine's dual identity, and the pre-election strips. Hopefully in such a way as it seems pre-planned, despite me having no script until these comments in early January 2017.


VERSINE: Fine. Listing myself as Sine, I could steal her votes, then reset the election system.
VERSINE: But in testing the virus, Sine’s name would derive to Cosine... only to phase back. As if they were the same character.
(QLyn and QSine exchange a look)
VERSINE: Before I could fix the overlap issue, I got on this cabinet. So my whole plan was scrapped.
QLYN: Could one of your followers have implemented it anyway?
VERSINE: As if! People must do what their imperious leader says.
QSINE: Riiiiight.

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