Monday, 6 March 2017

S8.294 - Trig Her Warning

If there’s a Trig plot, it’s probably Versine. She has a history. A long history. That said, her derivative is relevant, and you now have all the necessary pieces. Can you solve the puzzle?

Incidentally, I don’t know who’s sitting on the other side of that table. I still need to decide who was chosen as minister for the Environment plus one other department (Agriculture maybe?). Thoughts?


QSINE: Your report?
EXPONA: The original virus was trying to target trig.
EXPONA: It needed to differentiate between degrees and radians. But the virus glitched. It started differentiating us instead, with respect to x.
QSINE: And its source?
EXPONA: Someone who would benefit from becoming her derivative in the election database.
(all look at Versine)
VERSINE: Oh, as if you even know the derivatives for archaic trig functions!


  1. So I knew about versine and coversine, but I didn't know that versed was a trig operation, taking f(x) -> 2f(.5x^2), so there is both the coversine and vercosine, and the covercosine and the hacovercosine! Ha and co all the way down!

    1. Yuppers! I thought the squaring was outside the function though? There's also some exes, as in exsecant, who appeared as a character in that "long history" link above. If anyone reading this is especially curious, there's an entire explanation of the old trig (including unit circle) back in Series 3 (from 2012), see this link:

      Fun fact, I was pretty sure I knew what the derivative of versine was, decided to check it with Wolfram Alpha, and they totally understood what I meant. Thanks for the comment, John! I like to believe this comic can drive people to do more exploration.