Thursday 23 February 2017

S8.292b - Art Aside Hyper

Unscheduled update! The strangest thing happened last week. Someone asked me about doing fan art.

I'm fine with this, in fact I've commissioned work of my characters before. (You can see a couple of those updates after Series 7: here for Para, and here for others. There were also art updates back in 2013 for Para, for Lyn+Root, and for Trigonometry.) But, outside of the co-comic I made with John Golden, no one's ever asked about doing it. The individual, who goes online by "Asclepius' Viper" provided me with a "quick sketch", seen below. Conic art!

I think that's REALLY cool, particularly the perspective, like you're looking up from below. Not something I've tried before. Also neat with the necklace flying out. (Aside, this likely explains why a search for "QHyper" turned up in my statistics last week.)

Fun fact, when I silk screened my Para shirt years ago, we were going to make a silhouette shirt for my wife too. She wanted Elly, but the number of cuts necessary seemed problematic, so she went with Hyper (the original) instead. It's nice that people like the conics. I have vague plans for Elly next series, we'll see what happens.

While I'm posting, I thought I might take this opportunity to showcase a few other comic websites out there that some of you might enjoy:



And for something very lighthearted, Pocket Princesses - what if Disney Princesses could interact? Sometimes I drop by these sites when I'm in need of a smile. As always, thanks for reading, and feel free to submit any fan art in the future.

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