Monday 20 February 2017

S8.292 - Primed Time

I don't teach Calculus, so it's been a while since I looked up derivative graphs. The ellipse was interesting; I checked it in Desmos. I'm hoping the tangent derivative comes across in the image. If you've forgotten it, would that help you remember?


QT: We must believe the others can fix us.
ROOT?: Right. We need to stay calm.
QELLY?: Calm? Root, the two of us are practically reciprocals of ourselves.
TANGENT?: QArcSin’s suffering the most. I wonder why he--
FX: ZOT, as Tangent touches QArcSin
(Tangent & QArcSin are on the ground)
RHYS?: I’d hoped trig could remain unfazed.
QELLY?: Bah. Every horizontal change phases trig.

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