Monday 13 February 2017

S8.291 - Self-ish

Happy (Early) Valentine's Day! Math relations are hard work. Here's a particular romance, three years after their first public kiss.

Comic-wise, I'm weirdly detail oriented at times. With ParaB being insubstantial, I reasoned she couldn't get the lenses to fix her eyes like everyone else, hence drawing in the old style. And then as I was inking, I realized I forgot QT's coefficient watch, and had to add it in post. Oh well.


PARAB: Nice room.
QT: You can’t be here! It’s a quarantine!
PARAB: I’m still insubstantial.
PARAB: How are you feeling?
QT: Honestly? I’m starting to feel truly parabolic.
PARAB: Is that so bad?
QT: It means I've become strangely attracted to myself.
PARAB: Do you want me to be jealous, or...?
QT: ‘Love thyself’ has never felt more confusing.

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