Monday 23 January 2017

S8.288 - Bio-Technicality

New hairstyle! Thoughts?
For other reading, I recently participated in an interview on Alastair Luft's website; he's interviewed a number of other writers. I also wrote a short story for post #300 on my personal site - there's a magic bunny (sort of)!


QT?: First I turned into a cubic, now I’m quadratic.
QSINE: So this virus is biological.
QT?: Except my i-Pad shocked me before I changed. Each time.
QSINE: So this virus is technological?
QT?: Can’t it be both? Aren’t we both?
(ZAP in background on QArcSin)
QARCSIN?: I feel weird.
QT?: Shut down technology already!

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