Monday 9 January 2017

S8.286 - Re: Cycling

Where do I go now? What might people read? Anyone?? I considered personifications for death, time and love, only to learn the movie "Collateral Beauty" already did them. Incidentally, the banner for the new year is now up on the Facebook page.

Content-wise, "linear space" (vector space) includes normal Euclidean space, like from school. "Topological space" includes metric space, where elements are subsets, and I haven't wrapped my head around it - feel free to enlighten me. Alternatively, see TV Tropes for concepts that get Recycled IN SPACE.


QSINE: Okay, cabinet. My plan is to investigate other subjects.
PARA: We did that in series 4. It failed.
VERSINE: Let’s cover archaic trig, like me!
EXPONA: Series 3. No one cared.
QHYPER: Step Functions?
PARA: Late Series 4.
QHYPER: Fractals?
PARA: Series 5 onwards.
QHYPER: Statistics? Pop Culture? Homosexuality? Breaking the fourth wall?
PARA: Series 6 was all over the place.
QSINE: Fine! How about space, have we tried personifications in space?
GAMMA: Linear space or topological space?


  1. Hmm. I know you've covered a lot. But great strips (Calvin & Hobbes, Peanuts) revisit themes a lot. I really enjoyed the election giving connections between events and math ideas, and commentary from the characters you've developed. Math idea-wise, it'd be neat to see connections between the functions. Integration and differentiation, graph transformation, composition. (I could see a whole Steven Universe gem sort of thing with composition.)

    1. That's a good point about themes... I should think about it, assuming I can do it without getting repetitive. And thanks for letting me know that the current events/math plan was enjoyable - I worried that I'd failed to find a sensible balance there.

      Hmm, the connections and differentiating, that's a good one, and it reminds me of something I'd had in mind years ago and shelved. Might go there next. (I admit to only seeing a couple Steven Universe episodes, so I'm not sure how that would work...) Thanks for speaking up!

  2. Or a whole other group of geometry concepts come to life...?

    1. The trouble with that is I already have so many characters, and I've seen that sort of thing done before (giving personalities to triangles, that sort of thing). It's something to keep in mind though, maybe there's something there, geographical or otherwise.

  3. Calculus could try to integrate the functions, though that could be seen as derivative.

    1. "Calculus" is from my NaNoWriMo effort. ;) Looks like a second vote for that angle though... interesting. Thanks!