Monday 19 December 2016

S8.283 - My, Am I Vice

Yes, cabinet positions go to others who ran (or in ArcTan's case, for the write-in). Can anyone pinpoint good reasons for the choices? There was the "Bunny Ears Lawyer" gag from years ago.


QARCSIN: You still made Gamma foreign affairs minister?
QSINE: Spy or not, Gamma’s qualified.
QARCSIN: Expona for finance? Para for justice? Arctan for health? They’re not even in our Q-Continuum.
QSINE: We need that communication. The original ‘tans can keep us honest.
QARCSIN: Who will your Vice President be, Rhys?!
QSINE: No. You.
QARCSIN: Oh. I would be good at undoing your screwups.

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