Monday 12 December 2016

S8.282 - Hi Spy

I finished my NaNoWriMo yesterday, which resurrects Sine from “Sine Off” (Entry 177), in LGBTQ style. Coincidentally, as Sine’s counterpart here becomes President. Let me know if you have thoughts, or want to beta. Connected to the mouse rollover, Conspicuous Trenchcoat is a TV Tropes thing.


QSINE: According to records, Maud once spied on Taylor’s Polynomials. Then he spied on us.
QSINE: Gamma, I think you’re in a similar position. You’re observing here, on behalf of the more advanced relations.
GAMMA: True. Do you want me to be minister of foreign affairs?
QSINE: I want you to expose yourself.
GAMMA: Some can’t even deal with me being out of my closet.

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