Monday 28 November 2016

S8.280 - Other Whys

Today’s punch line courtesy Josh Fitzgerald’s vote for ArcTan. Josh also pointed out ArcTan has two horizontal asymptotes, and sends a compact interval to the whole real line. Justin Brown noted e^x makes differentiation easier. Hope Gerson said the logistic function was cool because it goes up quickly then evens out at the top. And Chris McCord liked that reciprocal was it’s own inverse.

Thanks to EVERYONE who voted - and especially to the 8 people who read last week's comic. Sine’s full reaction is next week.


MAUD: It’s decided. Sine is our president.
(QSine looks shocked)
VERSINE: With my help!
(Poll: Parabola 42%, Sine 45%, Versine 7%, Other 6%)
VERSINE: If my 7% had gone to Para, she could have won the majority instead! Thank me!
MAUD: Don’t forget the write-ins. We had reciprocal, logistic, e^x, arctan...
(background, Expona and Rhys High-5)
ARCTAN: My policies would have been so integral. So rational.
QARCTAN: Except it’s our derivative that’s rational...


  1. May her approval ratings hover near pi/2!

    Justin's and Chris' jokes makes me think of a comic where the functions discover a room of mathemagical mirrors. Mirror of d(Erivative), Mirror of Esrevni... (Potter reference.)

    1. I probably should have the trig in radian mode more often. Maybe that should be one of Sine's first recommendations.

      Mirrors... that's one to reflect on! And though I haven't read the Potter books, I sort of get the reference. Thanks for the comment. :)