Monday 14 November 2016

S8.278 - Pretty Cured

Don’t underestimate the power of hurt feelings.
I realized we never checked back in with Sigma after QT’s Unification, so here’s what they’ve been up to. If you came here expecting Cured Meats, have this link. If you came here expecting Pretty Cure, have some transformations.


SIGMA: Barrier Jacket! Mean Median Mode!
(Hyper/Sigma fires beam at ParaB) ZAP!
QT: Still no good. I don’t think we’ll get ParaB cured in time for the vote.
HYPER/SIGMA: I dunno. A bit more smoking and she might be “cured”.
PARAB: I will hurt you...
HYPER/SIGMA: You’re still insubstantial.
PARAB: I will hurt your feelings...

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