Monday 7 November 2016

S8.277 - Election Subjection

According to my research, the subjective (or nominative) case means the noun is the subject of the verb, as in “I hate”. Meanwhile surjective means what Maud said. And alert readers may recall the old serial played around with Jectives before, back in Entry 123.

Coincidentally, there is a bi-election coming up in my riding soon. There’s also that thing happening down in the United States tomorrow.


QRADIK: Any election news?
MAUD: Expona dropped out, throwing support to Para...
MAUD: QLyn dropped out, throwing support to QSine, and Rhys dropped out, his supporters choosing Versine. So it's a choice of those three.
QRADIK: And it’s all subjective.
MAUD: No, surjective. Each final candidate was mapped onto by at least one other.
MAUD: Or had you meant the subjective case for nouns?
QRADIK: I just hate this election.

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