Monday 1 August 2016

S8.274 - The Rein In Splain

I was recently reminded of Math Misery’s post about “Annoying Function Notation”, which itself reminded me of something I saw on Twitter some time ago. I’m sure I’m guilty of trying to explain things when it’s totally uncalled for. Like the jokes.


QELLY: I’m not sure who to vote for. I thought more inverses would run.
RADIK: Well both Lyn and Rhys are self-inverses.
RADIK: Rhys even has similar notation to inverses, being x^-1. And thus his result varies inversely with the x-values input.
QELLY: ...
RADIK: Inverses are also gender opposite. Sounds like you should choose Rhys, the only male running, on account of those qualities.
QELLY: If I’d wanted you to mathsplain, I’d have said so!
RADIK: I believe the point is I do it without being asked.

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