Monday 8 August 2016

S8.275 - A Tension

Yes, the Exponas are slightly different. And that’s entry 275. Comic #53. #54 if you count Strip 0, #55 if you count Tangent Pants. Every Monday without fail for a year while full time teaching.

And there’s been no activity on the blog for the last third of that (since March with WODB), my FB posts reaching about 10 people. I’m going crazy talking to myself. So I’m going to put more effort into parody videos and my time travel serial. From this point on, updates will be sporadic. Thanks for reading!


QEXPONA: Why are you running against Para? You’re splitting your own votes.
EXPONA: I’m tired of parabolas getting all the attention! Aren’t you?
QEXPONA: Those with the most visibility also get the most hate. That can’t be easy. I befriended my Para for mutual support.
QEXPONA: Besides, mathematics isn’t a competition for attention.
EXPONA: Without attention, I go crazy talking to myself!
QEXPONA: Ha ha, very meta.

Monday 1 August 2016

S8.274 - The Rein In Splain

I was recently reminded of Math Misery’s post about “Annoying Function Notation”, which itself reminded me of something I saw on Twitter some time ago. I’m sure I’m guilty of trying to explain things when it’s totally uncalled for. Like the jokes.


QELLY: I’m not sure who to vote for. I thought more inverses would run.
RADIK: Well both Lyn and Rhys are self-inverses.
RADIK: Rhys even has similar notation to inverses, being x^-1. And thus his result varies inversely with the x-values input.
QELLY: ...
RADIK: Inverses are also gender opposite. Sounds like you should choose Rhys, the only male running, on account of those qualities.
QELLY: If I’d wanted you to mathsplain, I’d have said so!
RADIK: I believe the point is I do it without being asked.