Monday 18 July 2016

S8.272 - Word Choice

Anyone out there with a question for the panel? Or a thought of who you'd vote for? ANYONE? (TMCers maybe?)

This is comic #50, so it's actually double-sized if you click it. It also features the following commissioned artwork on the podiums:
QLYN by Meg Simmons
EXPONA by Shirochya


??: Give one word to describe your campaign, and why it's needed.
QSINE: Communication. We need to listen better.
QLYN: Bias. We need to acknowledge it.
RHYS: Originality. We need new ideas, like mine!
EXPONA: Change. We need a fresh perspective.
PARA: Unity. We need to work together.
VERSINE: Tradition. We need to crush 'new math'!
PARA: New math? What does that even mean? Are you against collaboration? Common core? Discovery learning?
VERSINE: Maybe. You'll have to vote for me to find out.
PARA: That's not how this works!

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