Monday 11 July 2016

S8.271 - Talk, Show

The last panel is a call back to Entry #245. Signum's issue was first discussed in Entry #113.
Speaking of the multiverse, check out the Solution Squad comic! Math superheroes, more professionally drawn!


MAUD: Come on, step-sis. Let’s talk to some candidates before their panel.
SIGNUM: What? Fabricate more rare flannel?
QSINE: My key issue? Improvements in communication. Both between ourselves, and in the multiverse out there! (she signs with her hands)
QSINE: Sorry Signum, my sign language is rusty. (she signs "sorry")
SIGNUM: No, I understood! (she signs "thank you")
MAUD: Let’s interview Cosine too, is she around?
SINE: Umm... look there!

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