Monday 4 July 2016

S8.270 - Unit Vector

Earlier this week, there was an article about how the standard measure of the kilogram may be changing. Related to this music video by the Doubleclicks. And I needed a punch line. Hope it works.


QQUINN: What's a vote for Versine do?
QLOGAN: Abolish calculators!
HYPER: Fight the system!
SLOPE: Promote change!
CANTOR: I worry about these high school functions sometimes.
GAMMA: Some lessons must be learned the hard way.
QLYN: Hey, Gamma? C-Can we talk about sexuality?
GAMMA: Sure! See, CanTor? Some of them are asking good questions.
GAMMA: Besides, we need to change too. Seen the news about our kilogram walking the Planck?

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