Monday 27 June 2016

S8.269 - Separation Anxiety

There’s an article (in the New Yorker) about Andrew Hacker and James Tanton debating “eliminating mandatory high school math”. Combined with the recent Brexit vote, you get today’s comic.
Originally there might have been more individuals with Maud, but I started the sketching after 9pm last night.


MAUD: Versine, about your plan to build a wall around science...
VERSINE: New plan! Math will separate from the entire curriculum.
MAUD: That's... what?
VERSINE: We can’t have mathematics combining with computers or physical activity! We must keep our maths pure!
MAUD: That seems narrow minded and short sighted.
VERSINE: Expert opinions are irrelevant. Personal logic is everything. Public fear is paramount!
VERSINE: Besides, we’ll separate from statistics too, so we’ll never know if it was a bad idea.

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