Monday 20 June 2016

S8.268 - Listen to Meme

Expona’s dialogue made me think of He-Man. And I had a student present on memes this past week. Of course, the He-Man meme is old, the song by "4 Non Blondes" is actually called “What’s Up?”, and I’m trying to get up this great big hill of hope for views while grading so many papers before exams so send help?


PARA: What’s up?
EXPONA: Para, I’m running against you.
RHYS: Maybe I’ll run.
EXPONA: It’s not that I hate all the extra attention you get...
RHYS: Since there’s no guys yet.
EXPONA: Actually, it is! You’re such a square. Stuck at two. It’s time for non-blondes! Time for me!
RHYS: And I try... and I pray...
RHYS: Heyyeyaey, what’s going on?
EXPONA: I have the POWER!

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