Monday, 11 April 2016

S7.261 - Just Cause

New Twitter vote! Please check it out and share.

I said back in March 2013 that there would be a time travel arc.
At this point, to follow Maud's thread, you'll need to (re)read in the following sequence: #235-88mph, #226-Perspective, #227-4Matted, #236-Glasses, #243-Fashion, #250-BaseAttack, #253-PointBreak and #254-Ionic

Enjoy! (The subtle hint was in the label tagging below. The new personifications are all tagged with a ‘Q’. Not Maud.)


EXPONA?: The Q-tans want an election. How can we get them to vote for one of us?
MAUD: No problem.
MAUD: I've been working with Hyper and Nis. We've integrated the remains of the flux capacitor into Logan's base...
MAUD: They'll bring me back in time. I'll go undercover and show the webcomic refugees how great serials are. Foolproof!
LOGAN?: So why did I hear your double mutter, "Yeah, you try that"?
MAUD: He's jealous he didn't think of it first.
(MAUD slaps the table.)

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