Monday 25 April 2016

Post S7: Art Aside Para2

April is insane. The comics I've posted this month were all drawn at the end of March, during Easter. Even now, after report cards and the school play, I still need some time to figure out where this math comic is going... hence, another Art Aside. The one I promised in my resumption post, back in July 2015, after ConBravo.

You can see the first Art Aside for Para back in June 2013. That's when she was from "Taylor's Polynomials" and had the bunny ears - now she's from "Any Q-bars" has the twintails. Both of the following were drawn by artists at ConBravo 2015.

NewPara, as drawn & coloured by Tabitha Yi

QPara, as I've tagged her in these posts, looks very sad there - but that is what I specified. Hair down means depression is maximized. Plus the first Para had a whole depression arc in Series 5, so it makes sense that new Para would have similar issues.

I had pretty rough character sketches going into the relaunch; here's what another artist took from my same sketch a day later.

Another NewPara, drawn by Oceantann

I really like this one too; interestingly, I see her mouth a bit differently depending on how I look at it. Shading versus lips. Only me?

More art next week, followed (hopefully) by Series 8, where we start seeing more about the mathematical election. Thanks to those who voted on the Twitter polls! And who ReTweeted! (The second poll got massively messed up around day 4, but I have a screenshot I can use.)

The plan is see more about that going forwards, though any additional comments you have can be left down below too. Thanks for reading! I hope you stick around!

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