Friday 18 March 2016

S7.257 - WODB

One year ago today, Mary Bourassa launched the "Which One Doesn't Belong?" website! Feel free to play along in comments.
(I've had this comic in mind for a while, but it didn't make sense until "Unification"; glad it worked out for the anniversary.)


PANEL 1: Cosine caption.
PANEL 2: Arcsin caption. "This one doesn't belong"
PANEL 3: (sideways Hyper) "Oops, broke my panel!"
PANEL 4: Cotan caption. "This is 'which one doesn't belong'?"


  1. Cosine because it has no asymptotes. Hyper because it's not trig-related....thinking about the others....

    1. Technically ArcSin also has no asymptotes. That's what I was going for with Hyper, though her panel is also blown sideways and without a caption. Feel free to think a bit less mathematically, I guess?

  2. I was gonna say arcsin bc it's an inverse, and cotan bc it's a reciprocal, but really, everything's the inverse/reciprocal of something.

  3. Hyperbola is non-periodic... but so is Arcsin. Hyperbola's not a function, though! And only conic section. And only sideways panel. Arcsin has a compact domain, not sure if that's fair since hyp is not a function. Cotan is the only one with vertical asymptotes. Hmmm...

    Lots of nice WODB in the art, too.

  4. Okay, SPOILERS BELOW. Here’s my take on it, as the creator. In fact, I've realized there’s three takes on it:

    (1) As a comic
    Panel 1 has no dialogue balloon (and no hands to draw).
    Panel 2 has no visible eyes (and no colour red).
    Panel 3 is on it’s side (and no caption).
    Panel 4 has a background (my poor attempt at drawing ‘The Scream’).

    That’s probably easiest to see as an artist. Backgrounds are a pain in the ass.

    (2) As math personifications
    Panel 1 is stock footage (old trig).
    Panel 2 is an inverse, thus the only male.
    Panel 3 is the only non-trig.
    Panel 4 is a reciprocal function, hence the only tie.

    By “stock footage”, I mean she’s the old Cosine (a pic from 2012 in fact) - the new Cosine is brown skinned. In fact, in this comic you’ve got caucasian, brown, asian and black characters. I’ve been trying to diversify. Using the “old Cos” in Panel 1 is why I felt I needed this after “Unification” last week, bringing the groups together. (Which at least 50 people/bots did see...)

    (3) As math
    Honestly, I hadn’t even really considered this until Audrey and John’s comments. Audrey also tweeted at me this afternoon that symmetry could be a thing.
    Panel 1, single non-zero y-int?
    Panel 2 has a clear maximum and minimum for domain.
    Panel 3 is not a function.
    Panel 4 has infinite asymptotes. And I'm inclined to agree with Audrey's remark of less symmetry.

    I guess this shows that I create first, and do the math later. What I love here how readers considered things I didn’t. Hope you had fun, however you played, if you did! Hey, seen the mouse rollover for today?