Monday 7 March 2016

S7.255 - In Synch

POST 200 to the blog! Yes, Para's thinking in lyrics.

When writing a story's conclusion, consider leaving open the door for a sequel. (Please tell me if I was the only one who saw this coming. Please?)


LYN: Agh! I've been trapped in an energy ball!
PARA: (thinks) Here We Go?
LYN: Agh! I've been shot through a temporal crack in an infinite improbability field!
PARA: (thinks) Gone!
 (Foreground: QT with forked staff?)
LYN: Agh! This is the middle of nowhere. Yet it still feels like mathematics.
PARA: (thinks) Bye Bye Bye...
LYN: Agh! That catsuit really does look hideous.
QT: Fine. I'll go off to explore.
PARA: (thinks) I Want You Back.

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