Monday 29 February 2016

S7.254 - Isn't It Ionic

In 2011, I published on Sunday and Wednesday.
Four years ago, I did a whole Leap Year Calendar Special.
We weren't supposed to publish on Feb 29th again!

Personified math has been 12% of my life.
Sometimes I wish I didn’t care so much about it.
Aside: This date means I've owned my house for 4 years.

Anyway, as a reward for you reading today, here’s links to Matt Parker talking about the 128 Calendar, and Ms. I’s Science Video “Isn’t It Ionic”!


QT: That tear’s not our doing. It’s external.
MAUD: It’s Taylor’s Polynomials.
PARA: Your imaginary cereal? Why would it cause that rift?
MAUD: I don’t kn-- oh! The DATE! It’s breaking down our realities!
[TEXT: Sexi: As a final note, the day of the week for February 29th is reverse cyclical, running Monday, Saturday, Thursday, Tuesday, Sunday, Friday, Wednesday... meaning (if nothing changes) MathTans (aka Taylor's Polynomials) won't be leaping on a publishing day again until 2032. When we will most likely no longer be publishing.]
MAUD'S VOICE: I seem to be having a tremendous difficulty with my lifestyle.
EXPONA: Well, this is a status breaker.
MAUD: You have no idea.
MAUD: The mission has failed.
COT: THE Miss Ion? From the science beauty contest?
CSC: Don’t space out...

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