Monday, 1 February 2016

S7.250 - Base Attack Bonus

Your Bonus: Can java count in Base 37?
Did anyone expect we'd reach 250? (Is anyone there?)


MAUD: This is episode 250!
QT: It's number 28.
MAUD: It's 250!
QT: It's 28.
MAUD: Count from the serial out there.
QT: Count from the webcomic in here.
CUBI: Count using base 121.
CUBI: Seriously, in base 121 the 28 becomes 2x121 + 8x1 = 250. Both happy now?
MAUD: No, base 16 is more popular.
QT: No, how do we express 11^2 symbols?
CUBI: At least you agree about that.

1 comment:

  1. A comment made by Ashtâr Balînestyâr over on the MathsTans Facebook page deserves a mention here... he points out that Michael De Vlieger invented a set of numerals for large number bases:

    There are 120 numerals in the typeface at that link. And Cubi suggested counting in base 121. Of course.