Monday, 28 December 2015

S7.245 - Hair Apparent

Merry Christmas! If you missed the Special, follow that link!


EXPONA: (thinks) Lissa's never any help.
EXPONA: Hey, Cosine, is that you?
EXPONA: Wow, it is! Where is Sine?
EXPONA: (turns) ?
COSINE: (taps at belt, form changes)
EXPONA: Oh, Sine, there you are.
SINE: Yup!

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Holiday Singalong 2015

"It's that time of year again."

Para spun at the unexpected sound behind her. It was her voice - yet not her voice. "Oh, it's you," she sighed, raising a hand to her chest in relief.

ParaB, the parabola girl's conic counterpart, raised her hand in a slight wave. "Sorry, didn't mean to startle you. But being incorporeal now, I tend to sneak up on people whether I want to or not."

"It's fine." Para returned her gaze towards the dark sky. "It doesn't feel like it's been a year since our last Christmas recording."

"I'm not sure it has been," ParaB pointed out. "Not for us, anyway. Ever since we messed with that wormhole, 'space is warped and time is bendable'."

"Right." The blonde parabola rubbed her arms as a chill ran through her. "In other words, ever since we were told our very existence was inconsequential."

"Yeah. But that didn't stop us last year."

Para bit down on her lip. "79 views, ParaB. Total, over the last year, for BOTH our 'Polar Plot' videos, mine and Expona's. I dunno. Maybe those other personifications were right. Our time has passed. If it ever even came."

"Or maybe we need a better agent," ParaB countered. "We can't give up! The new personifications aren't even doing music."

"Sure, because it's not sensible mathematics pedagogy!"

"I don't care. I wrote a holiday song anyway." ParaB placed her hands on her hips. "What's more, it uses classical music, and statistics. So there."

Para turned to stare at her counterpart. "It... what?"

ParaB smiled. "I had some help from Sigma, QT's magical girl interface. Though I guess Sigma's also Hyper's magical guide, depending who you talk to."

"I'm... actually intrigued."

"Let's round up the gang then. The bar, in an hour."

Para nodded. "Okay! Though... your song, it... it DOES follow all the established rules, right?"

"Oh yeah," ParaB said, winking. "It's canonical."

Monday, 21 December 2015

S7.244 - Jous Bar

With thanks to John Golden for the character of Lissa Jous.
For more of my Lissajous fiction, read: "Numbers Game" (part 8)


(Outside the Bowditch)
EXPONA: (thinks) Hmm. I should see if navigation in the Angle Zone is the same.
(Inside the Bowditch)
EXPONA: Hey, Lissa Jous! What's the latest?
LISSA: I'm phasing into alternate dimensions, so I can escape this reality!
EXPONA: I meant is there anything new in trigonometry.
LISSA: Only periodically.

Monday, 14 December 2015

S7.243 - Fashion Number

If you were here in 2014, you might see where this is going now.


QT: So, there's a math serial outside our panels?
MAUD: Yup.
QT: Where polynomials like me have animal ears, and trig play in an orchestra?
MAUD: That's right.
QT: Fine. How does ANY of that relate to me in this silly 'research' outfit?!
MAUD: Seven of Nine was popular on Star Trek, and we need numbers like theirs!
QT: Star WARS is more popular this week, laser brain.

Monday, 7 December 2015

S7.242 - Battle Grounds


HYPER: Wait! Earlier you said something about decimals?
PARA: Oh, well... should we fight a war against decimals?
HYPER: Sure! Fractions are better for figuring out our axes.
ELLY: We DO need to prepare for a battle...
ELLY: Except I don't think it's against decimals?
PARA: What? Why? Who would want to hurt math?
QUINN: Calculators!