Monday, 9 November 2015

S7.238 - STEM Sells


HYPER: Para! Come in, we can talk Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics!
PARA: Um...
PARA: E-Expona can’t be here. Also, I have a question about decimals...
HYPER: First have some tea! I’ve got a box of it here.
 (Background shows “Student’s t” box and "BOLA fruit")
PARA: Is this a box plot?
HYPER: It’s a STEM and tea leaf plot.


  1. Ack! Too many bad puns in one comic!

    I spread them out a bit to make me look funny for a week and ... One, yeah, right.

    1. Heh. I'm a bit trapped by the format I've picked... it's good that you've given yourself more flexibility. Though if I was going to torture myself with a background, I wanted it to be entertaining! Which I figure makes this a good comic to use as my Twitter "pinned post". (I hope. As it's been there for over two months. Which likely explains why this post has over 120 views, compared to the ones flanking it, at 82 and 92.)