Thursday 18 December 2014

"Polar Plot" Singalong

The Story So Far: Personified math made it home, only to be told that their existence was inconsequential. Yet even so, some traditions linger...

A whirlpool formed in the middle of the air. It grew rapidly in size, until it was large enough to discharge a blonde bunny onto the ground. Once this had been done, the portal shrank back down and vanished. Para, the personified parabola, tentatively poked at the ground where she had landed - she was unhurt, quite accustomed to doing calculations for objects flying through the air. Even when she was the object.

A short distance away, a cafe door opened, and a woman with dark skin exited, holding a mug of hot chocolate.  "Oh, there you are!" she declared with a grin. "Come along, we're all ready to finalize the videos... where did you disappear to?"

"CanTor!" Para gasped, recognizing the fractal.  She slowly pushed herself back to her feet.  "Someone was trying to destroy all the Roman Numerals! I was recruited by the Epsilon Project, along with a Teleporter and a Time Lord, to try and stop them!"

Candice Torrent stared silently for a moment. "Okay..."

"No, seriously!" Para insisted. "There was even a connection to Lissa Jous!"

"Right. Well, we can discuss that later," CanTor decided. "As I said, we have to finalize these 'Polar Plot' videos. Holiday tradition, yes? There's Expona's, involving Idina Menzel, and yours, involving Demi Lovato."

Para nodded. "Okay then - though, relatively speaking, I've been gone for something like a day. The lyrics are written down somewhere, right?"

CanTor arced an eyebrow. "I'm amazed the tune isn't still stuck in your head..."