Sunday, 11 May 2014

S6.222 - Home Again

The Story So Far: After leaving Fractal City, personified math must deal with a wormhole that could bring them to Statistics... help point the way back home... or destroy them outright.

Given the lack of wormhole turbulence, Logan managed to set his gazebo down next to the Hyper Jumper. Having monitored the majority of the situation from the bridge, ArcTan was quick to emerge and assess QT's condition. "Exhaustion," he concluded. "If she were trig, I'd say take two pie and call me in the morning. In this case? I'd recommend two root vegetables."

The medic turned to ParaB. "As for YOU..." He shook his head. "I don't even know how to get a reading off of you. Sorry."

"It's okay," ParaB sighed. Her initial horror had resolved itself into a resigned numbness, and she now sat on the ground staring at the ring for the broken Jump Gate. "I think I should revise my earlier evaluation of avoiding 'safe' though... it's equally important not to stretch yourself too far, too fast. After all, you can't do it over again if you're dead."

"Everyone else seems generally unhurt!" ArcCos remarked, helping his brother to his feet - after removing ArcSin's swirled glasses. He turned to look towards the super deformed fractal. "What about the equipment?"

CanTor finished tapping on her iPad before looking up. "Flux capacitor's scrap. Gate looks beyond repair. Even the Dial Out Device is damaged. No idea how much work will be needed." She grimaced. "I'll be stuck here with the rest of you for a while."

"That plan worked though," Expona remarked, as she climbed out of Logan's ship. "According to all the readings we're getting downstairs... our present location is the subject of mathematics." She looked towards the quadratics. "So, congratulations bunnies. Put your minds at ease. You've saved numerology. Once again."

Para pursed her lips. Expona's tone reminded her of the confrontation that had occurred back when she'd proposed starting up the trigonometric orchestra. The redhead was still upset with her. But Para still didn't know what, if anything, she could do about that. Not that it was the best time for such thoughts anyway... she was still feeling the aftereffects of a splitting headache. Literally.

"So... what now?" Signum asked, looking from Maud to the others gathered in the area.

"Good question," Maud remarked. "Are we about to face the wrath of Q?"

Cosine allowed her transformation to fade out. "Well, whether we are or not, how about we get everyone back to the mainland?" the tall trig suggested. "There's nothing for us here."

"Wait. Someone's coming." Tangent lifted her arm to point along the length of the bridge, and the figure who was walking down towards them. Disturbingly, her silhouette looked a lot like that of QT. Though as she got closer, they noticed that she didn't have any cat ears, and that she was wearing glasses and a silver-like bodysuit.

The blonde arrival stopped at the edge of the platform and stared around at the group. There was an uncomfortable silence. Then the newcomer nodded. "Remarkable. You are the originals.”

Everyone exchanged glances. "Is that good?" Para asked.

A pause. "Consider that the universe is large, full of different mathematical interpretations, and other vastly more interesting things," the silver-clad woman said at last. "I'd say without much ado, we can all muddle through without you. So. Can you accept the fact that your methods, your appearances, and indeed your very existence... was inconsequential?"



You have some options at this point. You can read the post that brought all of this to an end. You can read the post that restarted everything as a webcomic. Or, if you want to dive into the narrative, you can read that webcomic from the start (with new personifications) or from this intersection point.


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