Sunday, 9 March 2014

S6.213 - Fallacious Climax

The Story So Far: The inhabitants of Fractal City have been teaching personified math about the nature of their existence. Very soon, a decision will be made as to whether the high school functions are reunited - or recycled.

There was a pounding at the door. ParaB continued to throw her weight back against it, having jammed her chair under the doorknob. "Please," she said breathlessly to Hevvi. "If you don't reunite Signum and Maud, there may be no way for the rest of them to locate math!"

"If we hurry, we may be able to drop Signum off before going to the steppe," the Heaviside function said grudgingly. "But what about you? If all of your friends make it back to your subject, they might not be able to return for you after all."

ParaB bit down on her lower lip. "I-I'll be fine. As long as QT-- as long as everyone else is okay."

The comlink on the table crackled. "LAST warning!" came Hill's voice from the device. "If you don't cease your unauthorized telepathy immediately and let us in, you WILL be thrown into prison!!"

Swallowing hard, and with a final pleading look at Hevvi, ParaB pushed back from the door and yanked away the chair. The door opened immediately, both Bert Hill and Julia Childset striding in. "NOW then," Hill said angrily, jabbing a finger at the conic. "We're not sure exactly what you were talking about - but you WILL advise your Para counterpart that you were incorrect. Your group are to proceed to Statistics, as planned!"

ParaB's lips thinned. "Not unless I know for certain that they'll be okay if they do.  Can you guarantee that?"

The security fractal glared. "Yes."

"Bert," Julia said, uncomfortably. "We really can't."

He rounded on her. "We DO know that any shenanigans might interfere with Can-Tor's plan, impacting us! You want to risk our infrastructure, our very lives on some gamble by these high schoolers? We're just lucky that we found out about this at all! Imagine if the vote hadn't passed to keep this Parabola with us?! Anyway," he finished, looking back to ParaB and crossing his arms. "Koch said they won't die in Statistics. That's good enough for me. So, ParaB, either you tell your friends to abort - or we're throwing you in prison!"

Julia winced, but said nothing. ParaB set her jaw, obviously unwilling to yield. Hevvi cleared her throat. "Thing is, the bunny's right when she says not dying and being okay are different..."

"You can shut up," Hill interrupted, tossing Hevvi a glare. "For that matter, your transport leaves in less than five minutes. Leave now, or you won't make it."

Hevvi's eyes narrowed. She looked from Hill to ParaB and back. "Fine. But the parabola's coming with me."

"Excuse me?!"

"You heard me," Hevvi shot back at Hill. "ParaB's with me now. Who knows how long she'll be here otherwise, and you obviously aren't going to treat her very well."

"Hah! Don't make me laugh," Hill snickered. "You have no authority here. For that matter, if we have to, we won't let ANYONE leave, including you!" He smirked back at Heaviside's increasingly annoyed expression. "Oh, and don't try using your ability to 'turn on functions' as a manner of persuasion either. Our resident Strange Attractor has warned us all about your peculiar brand of chaos!"

"No worries there," Hevvi said coldly. Perversely, she began to smile, as she reached a hand up to tap at the hair bobbles holding her twintails in place. "As I can see that MUCH more than simple persuasion is necessary!" She flung both arms forwards.

Hot and Hevvi
ParaB inhaled sharply. Parts of her body began to twitch involuntarily. "Ohh!" she gasped. Had she been hit by a taser?? No, the sensations were more reminiscent of her last evening with QT... either way, the parabola found she could no longer stand. With a moan, she stumbled forwards - right into Heaviside's arms. The step function began to drag her from the room. "H-H-Hfff..." the conic gasped, trying to speak. She noticed Hill and Julia were both out cold on the floor. "H-Hf-H-How?" she finally managed to articulate.

"Ever since I discovered non-functions like you were immune to my charms, I've been trying to devise a work around," Hevvi answered with a grunt. "The bad news is, I can't target properly yet, so you caught the edge. Moreover, that one effort has me completely depleted. Please tell me you can walk, you're heavy."

"Tee hee... no, you're 'Evvi," ParaB giggled. Rolling her eyes, Hevvi shoved ParaB against the corridor wall. The bunny girl gasped again, but managed to brace herself in time, and even stay upright. She shook her head to clear it, then wiped her brow. "Unf. Well, now I need a shower."

"Shower later. Escape... uh..." Hevvi's voice trailed off.

ParaB turned and squinted, trying to focus on whatever had caught the step function's attention. She saw Koch standing at the end of the hallway.


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